Darknote, one of Iceland’s best kept secrets, is well on its way of leaving a permanent mark on the metal scene. Formed in 2004, the band has kept a relatively low profile since then, honing its craft to perfection. 2010 saw the release of its debut 7-song EP album Walk Into Your Nightmare, creating a huge buzz in the Icelandic metal scene and beyond. That followed a successful promo stint as the band armed with an early version of the album in 2008 received some praises from the press, prompting among others Metal Edge Magazine editors to encourage people and labels to check out the band writing:

“Darknote is a five piece from Iceland that sounds absolutely nothing like Björk or Sigur Rós. In fact, they’re a crushing modern metal band blending thrash, death, a touch of industrial noise and a love of progressive melody into a sound you won’t want to resist.”

Twisted Hillbilly Magazine also wrote:

“This month we found a wickedly brilliant Icelandic Death Metal Band known as Darknote. […] The thunder and energy in this music makes me want to smash something.”

The Walk Into Your Nightmare presents the band in fantastic form, delivering some intense fast paced death / thrash metal with progressive and ethnic tendencies. Influenced by the cold and harsh surroundings of the band’s birthplace – Iceland, the outcome is an intense listening experience.