Grísalappalísa was founded in 2012 by Gunnar Ragnarsson (former frontman of Jakobínarína, which disbanded shortly after the release of their LP, The First Crusade on 12 TÓNAR and EMI in 2007) and co-singer and poet Baldur Baldursson.
Together they recruited a group of well-seasoned musicians from the Icelandic grassroot scene, Bergur Thomas Anderson (bass) & Rúnar Örn Marínósson (drums & guitar) from Oyama, Tumi Árnason (saxophones) & Albert Finnbogason (lead guitar) from The Heavy Experience and Sigurður Möller Sívertsen (drums) from Jakobínarína.

The group was founded on the idea of writing razor-sharp Icelandic lyrics firmly rooted in the Icelandic literary tradition and blending them with the groups raw freewheeling kraut and punk rock cocktail. The result of this collaboration can be heard on the band’s debut album, ALI, released on the 10th of July on the label 12 Tónar.
The album was recorded and mixed in the fall & winter of 2012 by Albert Finnbogason and mastered by Finnur Hákonarson in the early months of 2013.