From Reykjavík, Iceland hails the deathmetal quartet Angist, formed in
2009 by Edda and Gyða with Halli, Edda’s brother later joining in as
bassplayer and with few changes in drummers.
Angist released their two song demo in summer 2010 and a year later they
had accomplished to play many high profile shows such as Iceland Airwaves, opening act for Heaven Shall Burn and L’esprit du Clan and get 2nd place in the Wacken Metal Battle (Icelandic log). Many interviews and reviews in magazines, newspapers, webzines and radio followed and the year 2011 ended with the release of Angist’s EP, Circle of Suffering, and a tour around France as an opening act for L’esprit du Clan.
In 2012 Angist signed a record contract with U.S.-based Abyss Records
which will release the band’s first full-length in 2013.

“Petrifyingly powerful, their relentless, atmosphere-steeped and blackened thrust should take its rightful place amongst DM’s kvlt elite”. –Metal Hammer

“All hell was unleashed and we were suddenly in old school death metal heaven. Or hell, if that best suits the metaphor. Whatever. While the vocalist’s surprisingly harsh and well-placed roars, growls and screams (she still sounds like a woman, unlike most female growlers, but a damn savage one at that) are the first obvious highlight of Angist, the sorrowful yet brutal riffing of the axe-slinging team of Gyða and Edda soon reveals itself as elaborate and captivating, all while the rhythm section provides a solid foundation, with Haraldur’s resounding bass and new drummer Tumi also of Ophidian I, pounding the shit out of his kit at the back. Playing the best cuts off their only release so far, the “Circle Of Suffering” EP, plus a couple of new songs, Angist were one of the best acts of the weekend and a promising act to follow very closely from now on.”