BENEATH is an Icelandic death metal band that was formed during the winter of 2007/2008. After a few minor changes, the current line-up was finalized in November 2008. The members of BENEATH have all been active in the Icelandic metal scene for some years and some current and former bands include Sororicide, Changer, Atrum and Diabolus to name a few.

The band set out to play fast technical deathmetal, but the band incorporated elements from older styles of death metal, as well as other genres such as blackmetal.

BENEATH made their live debut supporting The Black Dahlia Murder in January 2009 and after winning the inaugural Icelandic finals for the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle they became the first Icelandic band to perform at the Wacken Open Air festival in August 2009. More festival appearances followed, amongst others Death Feast Open Air in 2010 and Neurotic Deathfest in 2011.

In February 2010 BENEATH released their debut EP entitled “Hollow Empty Void” on Mordbrann Musikk. The EP included four tracks of intense Icelandic death metal plus two live tracks. It was well recieved and prompted the band to go back into the studio for a full length.

In November 2009 BENEATH entered the studio again and started recording their first full length album called “Enslaved By Fear”. The album was mixed by Daniel Bergstrand at Dug Out studios in Uppsala, Sweden. Artwork was handled by Raymond Swanland. The band issigned to Unique Leader Records who released their debut album, “Enslaved By Fear” in on July 17th 2012.