Maus is a rock band from Iceland, formed in 1993. The band consists of Birgir Örn Steinarsson (Biggi) on vocals and guitar, Daníel Þorsteinsson (Danni) on drums, Eggert Gíslason on bass, and Páll Ragnar Pálsson (Palli) on guitar. Most of their songs are sung in Icelandic, though English versions of some songs have been released, as well as some original songs in English. The band was active releasewise from 1994 to 2004 but still continue to play live. They released five studio albums, a number of singles and a compilation that also featured one new song and an bonus cd featuring unreleased demo’s and remixes. The band was very active with live performances in and outside their native country. Abroad their most noticeable gigs where at the CMJ, Summerstage and touring Denmark. While active the band appeared at every Iceland Airwaves music festival including the first one. They were a popular supporting band for foreign bands who would visit Iceland. Those included bands/artists as Coldplay, Blonde Redhead, Ash, Ian Brown, Keane, Modest Mouse, and Placebo. Furthermore, Roger O’Donnell from The Cure has appeared as a guest keyboardist on their album Lof Mér Að Falla Að Þínu Eyra.

In December 2004 Maus went on a hiatus. The split was very friendly and only happened because band members decided to pursue other interest, academic and otherwise, outside of Iceland. Meanwhile, members we’re working on several music projects including Fræ (Palli’s band), Sometime (Danni’s band) and Biggi’s solo project. Páll Ragnar Pálsson has also become a respected classical composer after receiving his Phd in music from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn. Birgir also became a screenwriter and won the Icelandic Academy awarded Eddan award with co-writer and director Baldvin Z for the film Life in a fishbowl (Vonarstræti) named after a popular track from the band’s fifth studio album Musick.

In August 2013 all four members of Maus found themselves again living in Reykjavík at the same time for the first time since the split. About two months later they played at the 20-year-old birthday celebration of local rock radio station X977 for a full house at Listasafn Reykjavíkur. The following spring they played at Aldrei fór ég suður music festival in Ísafjörður. Two festival gigs followed that summer, at the first ever Secret Solstice festival and a metal festival called Eistnaflug.

Early in 2015 the band announced that Maus will be playing a few gigs that year, including that years Þjóðhátíð in Vestmannaeyjar. The band has not announced any plans for future recordings or releases.