ONI is a quartet that was formed in an isolated fjord in east Iceland otherwise known as Neskaupstaður in the year of 2010. The band plays music that people would consider to be more towards the stoner rock or sludge metal genre, but they do not label themselves as any particular genre other than rock.

ONI is composed of the guitarist, Daníel Magnús B. Ásgeirsson, the bassist, Þorsteinn Árnason, the drummer, Brynjar Örn Rúnarsson, and the vocalist, Róbert Þór Guðmundsson.

In July 2014 they released their first album titled “Misadventures” which has 8 tracks, one of which features their previous drummer, Bjartur Sæmundsson, from an older recording of the song.
The band is influenced by many artists such as Brain Police, Boris, Mastodon, Down, Clutch, ISIS and artists from many other genres including jazz, blues and more.

The band started writing tunes right away and ended up with some form of progressive rock which later evolved into a tight mix of groovy stoner rock with a hint of post metal and sludge metal in the mix with the years to come. All of the songs are written by the band as a whole and all of the members, current and previous, have shares in all songs that they participated in writing.